International Criminal Court

Ukraine to Put First Russian Soldier On Trial for War Crimes

Ukraine's top prosecutor announced plans to hold the first war crimes trial over Russia's ongoing invasion.

Republicans Think Biden Is Worse Than Putin

Majority of both Republicans and Independent voters think the United States would be better off without Biden in the White House.

Churches Near Ukraine’s Border Shelter Refugees as 1 Million Flee Russian Invasion

Churches in countries neighboring Ukraine have opened their doors to shelter and aid refugees as the United Nations refugee agency estimated Thursday that 1 million people have fled the Eastern European nation since the beginning of Russia's invasion last week. 

‘You Will Repay Us Everything’: Zelensky Demands Russia Pay ‘Reparations’ for War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky issued an address to the Russian people on Thursday, according to state media, in which he announced that Russia would pay “reparations” and rebuild “everything” the ongoing war has destroyed in Ukraine.

Ukraine Accuses Moscow of ‘Planning Acts of Genocide’ in U.N. Court Filing

Kiev maintains that Russia’s claim that it subjected the people of Donbass to “genocide” is baseless

Thousands of Doctors, Lawyers Suing Globalist Elites for ‘Crimes Against Humanity,’ ‘Corona Fraud Scandal’

German lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is organizing a "second Nuremberg tribunal" composed of thousands of lawyers and doctors in order to prosecute a group of international elites responsible for the "corona fraud scandal."

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