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Teenage California Girl Claims She Was Exposed To Naked Man At Local YMCA That Promotes Trans ‘Inclusivity And Acceptance’

A female California teenager in San Diego County told local city officials Wednesday she was exposed to male genitalia inside a YMCA women’s locker room after finishing a workout.

Ignore the Woke Panic About the English Language

Almost a decade back, a group of buddies and I were watching a newish Robin Hood movie, and a young mentee asked why British authorities were hanging a Caucasian bandit: “He’s white — that ain’t realistic.”

Saying ‘Christmas’ Is Not ‘Inclusive Enough—It’s Too ‘Christian-Centric,’ Says UK University

The University of Brighton has issued guidance to its lecturers encouraging the use of "inclusive language," including avoiding the term "Christmas" in favor of "winter closure period" and not asking students about their "Christian name."

Brighton University Advises Staff Not to Use Word ‘Christmas’

Guidelines sent to staff at the University of Brighton recently advised against using the word 'Christmas.'

Virgin Atlantic Flies ‘Woke’ Skies With Gender-Free Uniforms, Pronoun Badges Expressing ‘True Identity’

Virgin Atlantic is letting its crew “express their true identity” with an updated uniform policy eschewing gendered clothing requirements and is handing out pronoun badges to make sure they are inclusive as they charter the woke skies.

State Public Health Departments Opt For ‘Birth Parent’ In Place Of ‘Mother’ On Medical Forms

Numerous Departments of Public Health across the United States are opting to replace “mother” and “father” for “birth parent” and “non-birth parent,” respectively.

California School District’s Curriculum Claims There Are Eight Genders

One California school district is instructing from a textbook that claims there are over 10 sexual orientations and eight genders.

Navy Pronoun Instructional Video Goes Viral

The video educates sailors on how to "affirm" someone's gender identity.

AP Guide Updates Reporters When to Use Gender-Neutral Phrase ‘Pregnant People’

The Associated Press updated its style guide for use of the term “pregnant people” on Wednesday, following the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade.

Google Introduces ‘Woke’ Language Suggestions

Google's spelling editor will now begin to correct what users type to be more 'inclusive' with their wording.

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