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United Methodists Lift Ban on LGBT Clergy

United Methodists lifted its ban against LGBT clergy members during its General Conference.

Debate Erupts Over Pronoun Badges and Transgender Education in Scottish Classrooms

Scottish school pupils are being encouraged to wear "pronoun badges" as part of efforts by activist groups to promote transgender awareness in classrooms, sparking...

Bavarian Government Implements Restrictions on Gender-Neutral Language in Classrooms

Bavaria, Germany, has enacted a prohibition on the use of gender-sensitive language in educational settings, marking the latest development in a contentious linguistic debate....

Democratic Lawmakers Rebuke Biden for ‘Illegals’ Term in SOTU

President Joe Biden faced criticism from Democratic lawmakers on Thursday for his use of the term “illegals” during his State of the Union address. Biden...

California Bill Calls for Healthcare Professionals to Undergo Training that Recognizes ‘Birthing People,’ ‘Transgender Experience’

California Democrats introduced a bill that calls for healthcare professionals to undergo training to rid themselves of "multiple layers of potential biases" that assert only biological women can get pregnant.

Methodist Church of Great Britain Avoids ‘Hurtful Language’ Such as ‘Husband,’ ‘Wife’

The Methodist Church of Great Britain has instructed ministers to avoid using "hurtful language" such as "husband" and "wife."

CDC Removes Term ‘Women’ From Health Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) removed the term "women" from its health guidance and replaced it with gender-inclusive language.

Federal Contractor Says Term ‘Jihadist’ is ‘Racially Charged’

An 84-page report from the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit that is part of the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Research Division, believes that DHS uses language that is “insulting, demeaning, dehumanizing, offensive, embarrassing, or othering or otherwise make individuals feel uncomfortable, marginalized, disrespected, or unsafe.”

Trans-Identifying Males Banned from Female Wards in British Health Proposals

The announcement is part of the U.K.'s return to a "common-sense approach to sex and equality issues."

Vermont School Curriculum Replaces ‘Male’ and ‘Female’ with ‘Person Who Produces Sperm’ and ‘Person Who Produces Eggs’

"This shows the ideological capture of an elementary school," says the director of outreach for nonprofit Parents Defending Education.

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