AF EXCLUSIVE: Revival Sparks Through Demon-Slaying: ‘Come Out In Jesus Name’ Movie Premieres This Weekend

The highly-anticipated documentary film "Come Out In Jesus Name" follows Pastor Greg Locke and his team of preachers as they embark on a quest for revival by casting out demons and in a recent interview, Pastor Locke shared his evolving relationship with politics and his vision for a new era of church awakening through spiritual warfare.

The Desire to Be God

What is the role of science?

CDC Promotes Teen Chat Platform to Discuss LGBT Topics, Witchcraft Without Parental Oversight

Some of the chat topics include "Gender Affirmation Surgeries," "Finding Chosen Family," and "Drag Culture 101."

Paint It Black: Mourning the Month of June

June. It’s here. In all its rainbow glory. Or should I say shame?

Matt Walsh’s ‘What Is a Woman?’ Is Great, but America Must First Relearn ‘What Is a Christian?’

Over the course of 90+ minutes, Matt Walsh’s captivating and important documentary "What Is a Woman?" never mentions God.

Five Ways to Counter Progressive Christianity

Near the end of His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus warned: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.

Should the Mouse Be in Your House? Disney and the Danger of Compromise

Compromise is at your door and the next generation is at stake. What are you going to do about it?

Australian School Makes Headlines for Standing by Biblical Definition of Sexuality

Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane, Australia receiving backlash for asking students to sign an abstonance contract.

Thousands of Pastors Blast Law That Calls Bible a ‘Myth’

New requirement part of 'dark wave of hostility' against Christians

A Failed Nation is Marked When Truth Is Discarded and Replaced with Untruth

A failed nation is marked when truth is discarded and replaced with untruth.

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