Trump Says He is the Only 2024 Presidential Candidate Who Can ‘Prevent World War III’

Former President Donald Trump claimed that he is the only 2024 presidential candidate who can “prevent World War III.”

Teen Girl Ends Her Life After Brutal Bullying

The high school and police took no action.

French General Calls Vax Resisters ‘Superheroes’

The general also said the protesters "embody the best of humanity."

Naked Hunter Filmed Himself Smoking ‘Crack’ Inside Sensory Deprivation Tank

Sleazy Hunter Biden is seen filming himself smoking 'drugs' and fondling himself inside a sensory deprivation tank - during a detox program funded by his dad, President Joe Biden.

Ukraine Bans Opposition Party, Seizes Assets

Ukrainian court takes property and funds from opposing political party.

The Biden Administration Is Openly Pursuing a Policy of Escalation in Ukraine

What are we to make of a comment Monday from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin that the Biden administration’s goal in Ukraine is “to see Russia weakened to the degree that it can’t do the kinds of things that it has done in invading Ukraine”?

White People Poised to Become Minority in Numerous States, According to Study

Numerous states are poised to have White people become the minority in their states in the next decade, according to new research from the property information company NeighborWho.

The Real ‘Reset’ Is Coming

Attention: This disclaimer informs readers that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author, and not necessarily to...

Russian Children Bullied Over Russia-Ukraine War, ‘Afraid of Being Dropped Off at School in the Morning’: Human Rights Org

Human rights organization reports Russian children in Danish and other schools being bullied due to their nationality.

U.K. Supplying Air Defense Systems to Ukraine: British Foreign Secretary

A recent statement from the British foreign secretary indicates that the nation will be offering air defense systems to Ukraine as they fend off Russia's military operation.

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