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Home Sales Drop Nearly 20% Year-Over-Year as High Interest Rates Continue to Dampen Buying

U.S. home sales plummeted year-over-year last month, declining as well on a monthly basis in an ongoing indication of the cooling housing market amid rising interest rates.

Recession Watch: Fears Return As Fed Warns Americans Of ‘Some Pain’ As Economy Braces For More Job Cuts

Fears of an impending recession once again escalated Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned economic growth will suffer as the central bank works to ease decades-high inflation

Bank of America Forecasts a Recession This Year With Economy Shrinking 1.4%

Bank of America has downgraded its expectations for the economy this year to include a “mild recession.”

Mortgage Rates Highest Since 2008 as Housing Market Continues to Cool Off

Mortgage rates have reached their highest levels in nearly 15 years, a factor that's contributing to a continued cooling of a housing market that's been white-hot for over two years.

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Reached a 15-Year High of 6.1 Million Last Year

Housing economists expect the market frenzy to subside in 2022 as mortgage rates rise

US Home Prices Surged Almost 20% In October

U.S. home prices surged in October as the housing market remains strong after the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a key economic indicator.

Will ‘iBuying’ Ever Replace Traditional Real Estate Sales?

After three successful home sales, Daniel Edwin and his wife were getting ready to sell again, but this time, the Atlanta couple knew they didn’t want to go the traditional route.

One homebuilding giant is turning down orders due to red-hot demand

Red-hot demand for houses sounds like great news for homebuilders. But builders aren’t as thrilled as you might expect, and one builder is actually turning down orders.

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