Hate Crime

Black Man Charged with Hate Crime After Shooting Two Strangers ‘Because They Were White’

A black man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly murdered two strangers at a library and a convenience store "because they were white."

Colorado Man Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime After Torching Lutheran Church

Colorado resident Darion Ray Sexton pleaded guilty to a hate crime charge in connection with setting fire to a church in Loveland, Colorado in January.

Police Say Nashville Shooter Had Been Planning Attack For Months, Studied Other ‘Mass Murderers’

Police announced earlier this week that transgender shooter Audrey Hale had been planning the deadly shooting months prior to the attack.

Senator Hawley Calls for DOJ Investigation into Nashville School Shooting as a Hate Crime

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley is calling for a Department of Justice investigation into the Nashville school shooting as a hate crime against Christians, citing federal law and urging the FBI and DHS to deploy all necessary resources to hold those accountable for the shooting.

Officers Who Took Down ‘Transgender’ Nashville Shooter Identified

The officers who took down the transgender attacker responsible for the deadly shooting in Nashville Monday have been identified.

Brothers Who Carried Out Staged Jussie Smollett Attack Apologize In Interview

The two Nigerian brothers responsible for helping disgraced actor Jussie Smollett carry out his fake hate crime attack in 2019 apologized for the stunt during an interview this week.

Exposed Campus Hate Crime Hoaxes

Since the beginning of 2023, 7 falsified college hate crimes have been reported.

Former Actor Jussie Smollett ‘Anatomy Of A Hoax’ Docuseries To Air This Month

Disgraced former actor Jussie Smollett is the focus on an upcoming docuseries, titled “Jussie Smollett: Anatomy of a Hoax,” which will drop this month on the Fox Nation channel.

Native Hawaiian Men Face Sentencing for Federal Hate Crime in Brutal Beating of White Man Who Tried to Move Into Their Village (Video)

Victim left with injuries including a concussion, two broken ribs, and head and abdominal trauma.

Church of England to Bless Same-Sex Marriages

"Where does the Church get its doctrine on marriage from?" asked General Synod member Daniel Matovu.

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