Harvard Poll

Majority of Americans Believe Trump Indictment Is Politically Motivated: Harvard Poll

The poll, conducted from June 14-15, surveyed 2,090 registered voters, 55% of whom viewed the indictment as politically motivated.

More Americans Want Less Migration

A growing share of Americans wants immigration levels to be reduced, according to a new poll from Politico and Harvard University’s medical school.

GOP Bounces to Historic Lead on 2022 Ballot in New Poll

It's still brutal out there for President Biden, according to the latest tranche of public polling, some of which  Rebecca covered yesterday.

Biden Sinks to New Low in Harvard Poll as Majority of Americans Have Doubts About His Mental Fitness

Democrat President Joe Biden plummeted to a new low in a Harvard Harris poll released this week as the majority of Americans now say that he is too old for office and have questions about his mental fitness.

Harvard Poll: 80% See Border Disaster, Want Trump Closure Restored, Reject Critical Race Theory

The Biden administration is failing big time with its inability to control illegal immigration, adding it to one of several issues that could doom Democrats if left unchecked.

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