Bill Barr Taking Heat From Both Parties for His New Book About Trump

Former Attorney General William Barr is taking fire from the left and the right over his upcoming book about his turbulent tenure in the Trump administration.

‘God Is Bigger Than Cancel Culture’: Sean Feucht Announces New Book Deal After HarperCollins Issue

Sean Feucht, who publicly called out HarperCollins and accused the 33-year-old publishing company of "canceling" his book deal over his "political views," has announced that he landed a new book deal with a different publishing house. The Christian singer expressed how "excited" he about his new book deal.

HarperCollins Readying Release of Peter Schweizer Blockbuster Investigation

Politico Playbook exclusively reported Wednesday that publishing giant HarperCollins is preparing to release the next investigative bombshell book by six-time New York Times  bestselling author Peter Schweizer titled Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win.

Can a British King Save the God Bless the USA Bible?

The controversial God Bless the USA Bible is still on track, with a little help from a long-dead British king.

Zondervan won’t publish ‘God Bless the USA Bible,’ says marketing was ‘premature’ after backlash

Zondervan and HarperCollins will not publish or manufacture a version of the Bible that would feature various patriotic American documents for the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, contrary to concerns expressed online.

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