George Washington

Political Left Revives Calls to Pack Supreme Court Following Roe Reversal

Expansion of nation's highest court would compromise judicial independence, profoundly destabilize institution, experts warn.

University That Employs Clarence Thomas Shuts Down Students’ Attempt to Remove Him From Teaching Position

The college at which Justice Clarence Thomas teaches law will not cave into a petition calling for his removal as an adjunct professor.

San Francisco School Board Votes to Return Elite High School to Merit-Based Admissions

The San Francisco school board voted 4-3 Wednesday night to return Lowell High School to a merit-based admissions system, two years after it first switched to a lottery-based system.

University of Washington Students: Get Rid of George Washington Statue

"A campus named after an enslaver of men."

ISIS Plotted to Kill George W. Bush by Smuggling Assassins Through the Southern Border

An ISIS operative living in the U.S. had elaborate plans to assassinate former President George W. Bush in Dallas, Texas, but his schemes were foiled by two confidential informants, according to an FBI search warrant application recently obtained by Forbes.

Washington Post Ironically Calls on Washington University to Change Its Name Because of ‘Racism’

The opinion piece says that the university needs a new name to address systemic racism.

High Independent Support Helps Give GOP Edge in Midterm Poll

Independents are breaking toward the GOP by 7 percentage points, helping to give Republicans running for Congress the strongest public support they have seen in a decade, with just six months to go until the midterm election, according to a PBS News Hour/NPR/Marist poll released on Monday.

Who Is Eric Schwerin? What to Know About Hunter Biden’s Business Partner

Eric Schwerin became one of Hunter Biden’s closest friends, business associates, and an emotional “pillar” to the president’s troubled second son over a 20-year relationship that transformed the enigmatic moneyman into a D.C. power player.

Former Florida Attorney General Goes All in for Voicing God in Public

A case before the U.S. Supreme Court about a football coach who took a knee and thanked God following each of his high-school team's games, win or lose, is important because America was "founded on the sacred right of every American to practice his or her faith in peace without fear of retribution, repression, or retaliation by any cultural movement or government officials seeking to coerce compliance against personal religious conscience."

Port Authority Continues Forced Masking at New York Airports

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will continue to embrace forced masking at transportation hubs in New York, it announced on Tuesday.

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