Russia and China Coordinate to Create a G7 Alternative

They plan to start by including five major emerging economies.

G-7 Summit Held in Nazi ‘Vacation Camp’

World leaders meet in castle that once "served as a Nazi military vacation camp."

Zelensky Refuses to Negotiate Peace – French Media

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky has said his country is not prepared to hold peace talks with Russia, a source in the French government has told the state news agency AFP.

While US Economy Crumbles, Biden Promises $200 Billion for Solar Panels, Vaccine Plants and Communication Links Around the World

Joe Biden promised the world $200 billion for communication links, vaccine plants, and solar panels.

Biden Announces $200 Billion Investment to Counter China’s Belt and Road Program

At the G7 Conference on Sunday, President Joe Biden announced the relaunch of a global infrastructure initiative designed to counter China’s growing global influence. Biden...

Hungary Has ‘No Difficulty’ to Pay Rubles for Russian Gas, Says PM Orbán

Hungary is not the first EU member state to concede to the Russian demand, with Slovakia already signaling it will pay in rubles

Speculation of Rationing as German Minister Prepares Emergency Measures Over Gas Supply

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck has declared an early warning level over Russian gas supplies that has led some to speculate the government could end up rationing gas.

Biden Now Heading to Europe for Talks With NATO Over Ukraine Instead of Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris was initially scheduled this week to travel to Brussels, Belgium, to meet with NATO officials to discuss the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, but she’s been bumped in lieu of the commander-in-chief himself, a report noted Sunday.

Biden Announces Ban on Imports of Russian Vodka, Seafood, and Diamonds, Moves to Revoke Favored Nation Status

On Friday, President Joe Biden announced a new wave of sanctions intended to “hold Russia accountable” in response to President Vladimir Putin’s military invasion of Ukraine.

U.K. Supplying Air Defense Systems to Ukraine: British Foreign Secretary

A recent statement from the British foreign secretary indicates that the nation will be offering air defense systems to Ukraine as they fend off Russia's military operation.

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