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Election Group Being Sued for 2020 Fraud Allegations Claims Concrete Evidence of Trump’s Victory in Georgia

In a recent development, the election integrity group, VoterGA, which is currently facing a lawsuit over its claims of fraud in the 2020 Presidential election, has stated that it can prove former President Donald Trump won in Georgia.

Rep. Andrew Clyde to Introduce Amendments to Defund Trump Prosecutions

Rep. Clyde will draw upon the congressional power of the purse.

Trump Urges Republican Attorneys to Adopt ‘Eye for an Eye’ Approach Against ‘Weaponization of Justice’

“I hope that Republican district attorneys and attorneys general throughout the country are closely watching the tremendous weaponization of justice that is being utilized against me. There’s NEVER been anything like it."

Trump Enters ‘Not Guilty’ Plea in Georgia Election Case (Read Plea)

The Fulton County Superior Court received a statement from Trump that read, "As evidenced by my signature below, I do hereby waive formal arraignment and enter my plea of NOT GUILTY to the Indictment in this case."

Trump Campaign Collects Over $20M Following Fulton County Mugshot

Former President Donald Trump's recent booking in Fulton County, Georgia has catalyzed a notable surge in fundraising for his campaign.

Black Support for Joe Biden Falls 30%, Support for Trump Grows

A Fox News poll revealed that Black support for Trump is growing.

Trump Shares Video Criticizing Kevin McCarthy After Speaker Fails to Defund Jack Smith

House Speaker McCarthy ally Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) has also been scrutinized by MAGA Republicans.

Trump: 33-Point Lead Over DeSantis Among Georgia GOP Voters

In the survey, 57% of likely Republican voters expressed their support for Trump, while his closest rival, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, managed to garner only 15%.

Federal Judge Sets March 4, 2024 for Trump’s Trial Date

Trial will commence just one day before the pivotal "Super Tuesday" in the Republican presidential nominating contest.

Trump Campaign Raises $7.1 Million After Fulton County Mugshot 

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign has raised $7.1 million since he surrendered himself into custody at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office last week.

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