Apple Shifting Away From China

Apple's main assembly partner, Foxconn, announced on Tuesday that it will establish a major new factory in Vietnam, in a sign that the iPhone maker is moving production away from China.

Protesting Workers Beaten at Chinese iPhone Factory

Police beat workers protesting over a pay dispute at the biggest factory for Apple’s iPhone, whose new model is delayed by controls imposed as...

Chinese Manufacturer Cannot Use US Courts to Press American Firm for Evidence: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled on June 13 that a Chinese manufacturer is not allowed to use the U.S. legal system to compel production...

Tesla Halts Work at Shanghai Factory for 2 Days Amid China COVID-19 Curbs

Tesla is suspending production at its Shanghai factory for two days, according to a notice sent internally and to suppliers, as the Chinese regime tightens COVID-19  restrictions to curb the country’s latest outbreak.

Apple Transferred Orders from Foxconn to Chinese Company to Boost $275B Deal with Communists

According to a recent report, Apple has increased its reliance on Communist Chinese suppliers and appears to be replacing Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn with Chinese supplier Luxshare as part of its $275 billion deal with the Communist government.

Foxconn Mostly Bails On $10 Billion Wisconsin Factory

Taiwan electronics manufacturer Foxconn has all but bailed on a $10 billion factory in Wisconsin which was supposed to employ 13,000 workers - only to have been plagued with setbacks and confusion from the start.

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