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French Nun Knocks Down Climate Change ‘Activist’ Blocking Church Construction Site (Video)

A Catholic nun in France took down a climate change protester this week attempting to block construction on a new religious center.

Climate Change ‘Activist’ Al Gore Blasts Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate change activist and former United States Vice President Al Gore has declared war against the fossil fuel industry, accusing oil companies of using the atmosphere at their own disposal.

California Sues Oil Giants For ‘Deceiving’ Public on Climate Change

California is suing oil companies for "deceiving" the public on how their fossil fuels contributed to climate change.

Climate Activists Vandalize Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate with Orange Paint

German climate activists sprayed orange paint onto Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate over the weekend to push the German government to take action against climate change.

Scientists Claim ‘1 Billion’ Deaths from Climate Change Over Next 100 Years

Humanity has a "moral" responsibility to stop global warming.

Vivek Ramaswamy Presents 10 ‘Truth’ Claims, Celebrated by Elon Musk

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy shared 10 truths on Twitter, now known as X, and earned praise from Elon Musk.

‘Climate Change’ Not Responsible for Canadian Wildfires or Heatwaves: Climate Realism Report

The report suggests that the mainstream media's attribution of such natural disasters to climate change could lead to a misdirection of resources from the true causes of wildfires.

‘Climate Change’ Narrative-Pushing Biden Admin Is Not Tracking Its Own Carbon Emissions: Government Accountability Office Report

"State officials told us that they did not have a systematic way to calculate greenhouse gas emissions," the report reads.

New Bill Would Block Biden from Invoking a National Climate Emergency

“The Biden administration has repeatedly governed by executive overreach when it comes to energy and environmental regulations, ignoring the law and doing so without congressional approval."

Under Biden, U.S. Pays Russia Billions for Nuclear Energy

Russia provides about a third of the U.S.'s supply of enriched uranium.

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