Federal Stimulus

Fact-Checker Claims COVID Deaths Underreported. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

Health Feedback, a “fact-checking” organization, is part of a World Health Organization project called Vaccine Safety Net. It operates under the umbrella of Science Feedback, whose partners and funders include Facebook and the Google News initiative.

California Schools Incentivized to Mask & Vax Students with $15 Billion in Federal Aid: ‘ESSER III’

The 'ESSER III Fund' gives $15,079,696,097 to California schools that commit to "universal and correct wearing of masks," "diagnostic and screening testing," and "efforts to provide vaccinations to school communities."

LABOR COLLAPSE: Small business owners can’t compete with federal stimulus, struggle to hire workers

But the stimulus package is hurting small businesses. Small business owners said it is now difficult to get people to go back to work or even call in for an interview because of the generous federal aid.

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