False Flag

Why Biden Is Making Common Criminals Out of Average Americans

MAGA stands in the way of his superiors' globalist agenda.

Zelenskyy Says Peace Talks With Russia ‘Might Not Happen’

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy cited widespread destruction and death as the reason peace talks with Russia are doubtful.

U.N. Council Meets Today on Russian Claim of U.S. Bio-Labs in Ukraine

Moscow claims there are “military biological activities of the U.S." in the territory of Ukraine.

Stop the Momentum Pushing Us Toward World War III

Across the entire political spectrum, America and the West generally have swallowed the “Putin is Hitler” bait even more completely than the covid bait. Western governments, politicians, and grossly ignorant celebrities are now deliberately engendering and inflaming intense hatred of anything and anyone Russian.

Russia Accuses Ukraine of ‘Genocide,’ Ukraine Responds, Accuses Russia of Genocide, Too: Read Both Sides

Read one report representing the Russian side, two reports representing the Ukrainian side.

Ukraine Defense Chief Says ‘Low Probability’ of Major Conflict with Russia, Contradicting Biden

Saber-rattling by NATO and Biden admin appears to be unnecessary and even dangerous to Ukraine's regional stability.

Biden to Take Credit for Stopping His Own Manufactured Crisis

Is it better to win a war without firing a shot, or rather, convince people that you stopped a “war” that never had a chance of actually starting?

Freedom Convoy Could Be Victims of False Flag Operation Focused on Firearms: Organizer Warns

The spokesman of the Canadian Freedom Congoy put out a statement warning of a possible false flag operation involving stolen firearms that could be used against the convoy.

Looking for Evidence? Trust Us, Biden Admin. Says

When Joe Biden’s administration was asked for evidence to back up dramatic claims about national security developments this past week, it demurred with a simple rejoinder: You’ll have to trust us on that.

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