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11% Of Local Election Officials May Quit Leading Before 2024 Vote

According to a Brennan Center survey, 11% of local election officials think it is likely they will quit leading to the 2024 election.

300,000 Ballots ‘Illegally Inserted’ Into Arizona Vote Tally: Trump Lawyer

An attorney for Donald Trump's 2024 campaign has claimed that a whistleblower from a ballot company reported that approximately 300,000 ballots were "illegally inserted" into the Maricopa County, Arizona midterm election tally.

AZ Vote Counting Could Drag On Until Thanksgiving or Even Christmas, Election Officials Say

Arizona election officials claimed Wednesday that the midterm votes could take weeks or possibly months to count, according to CNBC.

Woman Caught Mailing Large Stack of Ballots Day Before 2020 Election: Detroit

Michigan Citizens for Election Integrity made the discovery.

Auditor Who Dismissed 2020 Fraud Failed to Declare Thousands of Dollars From Zuckerberg Election Interference Fund

An election official from a county which received funds from the Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life used a local newspaper column to dismiss evidence of election fraud, praising mail-in ballots in the process, and helping dismiss notions of foul play despite his obvious conflict of interest.

Explosive Pennsylvania Testimony Explains How Leftist Money Infiltrated Election Offices in 2020

This evidence should be enough for the Pennsylvania legislature to recognize there is a real problem when private money and private actors collaborate with election officials.

Texas Republicans, Democrats Battle Over Who Is to Blame for 10,000 Uncounted Primary Ballots

Democrats and Republicans are each pointing at the other party over who is to blame for the 10,000 uncounted ballots from the 2022 Texas primary.

Lawsuit Seeks to Prevent ‘Zuckerbucks’ Influence on Future Elections

Michigan official sued for diverting 'PPE' grant money to 'boost Democrat candidates'

Lawsuit Claims Michigan Election Chief Illegally Accepted Zuckerberg Money to Swing 2020 Election

Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is focus of lawsuit.

Systemic Voting Issues in Pennsylvania County Even More Extensive Than Previously Known

The newest recordings provide some of the frankest discussion on how bad the behind-the-scenes situation was in Pennsylvania’s 2020 election.

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