Drug Overdoses

Stealth Attack on Ice: Left Seeks Abolition by Other Means, Ex-agency Boss Warns

"They are abolishing ICE's mission, making the agency ineffective," said Tom Homan.

Belief in God Plummets to All-Time Low. But These Two Groups Remain Steadfast

As cultural crises continue, a new poll from Gallup reveals a heartbreaking reality driving our collective consternation: a significant decrease in the proportion of Americans who believe in God.

More Than 900 Cases of Hepatitis of Unknown Origin Reported in Children, Who Says

Health officials across 33 countries have received reports of 920 probable cases of severe acute hepatitis of unknown origin in young children, according to...

‘Cities Don’t Have to Be Wretched Cesspools of Human Filth’: US Professor Contrasts Photos of Poland’s Warsaw With Homeless Tent Camps in Portland, Oregon

After a visit to Poland, best-selling author and Notre Dame professor Patrick J. Deneen took to Twitter to point out the stunning differences between...

Tucker Carlson Calls Jan 6 Committee ‘Show’ a ‘Propaganda Lie’

Carlson warns a real insurrection could come if Democrats keep lying to Americans.

‘Largest Ever’ 32-Mile Long Caravan of 15,000 Migrants Headed to Already ‘Overwhelmed’ U.S. Border From Mexico

Border Patrol agents facing "one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world right now" as Biden threatens to end Title 42.

Republicans Approve $40 Billion to Ukraine While America Suffers at Its Own Southern Border

See the list of House Republicans who approved the bill, including Cheney, Crenshaw, Kinzinger, McCarthy.

U.S. Surpasses Record 100,000 Overdose Deaths in 2021

More Americans died of drug overdoses in 2021 than any previous year.

Fentanyl Pumped Through Air Vents at Juvenile Detention Center, Hospitalizing at Least 7 People — Including Children

At least seven people — including children — were hospitalized Sunday after fentanyl was released into the ventilation system at a juvenile detention center in Stryker, Ohio.

Rural Populations Decline in America for the First Time in Recorded History

For the first time in history, America’s rural population has declined.

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