Supreme Court Gives Biden Admin Victory in Immigration Case

The Supreme Court gave the Biden administration a victory in an immigration case, ruling that Republican states could not challenge a policy narrowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) priorities for arresting and deporting illegal immigrants.

Supreme Court Affirms Kentucky AG’s Right to Defend Law Banning Live-Dismemberment Abortion

In an 8-1 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron (R) can defend the commonwealth’s law banning live-dismemberment abortion, despite Gov. Andrew Beshear’s (D) refusal.

Justice Neil Gorsuch: Religious Freedom’s New Champion

Eight of the nine Supreme Court justices are Catholics or Jews—groups historically victimized by religious discrimination. Yet the court’s emerging leader in defending religious freedom is its only mainline Protestant.

Police Open Criminal Probe into U.K. Vax Rollout after Medical Dissenter’s Legal Challenge

"You do not experiment on humans, and consent must be freely given without coercion and include a discussion about alternative treatments … and an individual's material risk of developing covid-19 or actually coming to harm from it." said English Dr. Sam White.

The Kamikaze Democrats

Pelosi and Biden march swing-district House Members to the end of their careers.

In 8-1 SCOTUS Ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts Is The Only One To Side Against Christian Students Whose Free Speech Was Trampled

Chief Justice John Roberts was the only dissenter in the U.S Supreme Court’s most recent ruling favoring a couple of Christian students who challenged their university for restricting when, where, and how they could speak about their faith and disseminate materials on campus.

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