Presidents’ Day – George Washington’s Birthday – American Minute with Bill Federer

There have been 46 U.S. Presidents. The tallest was Abraham Lincoln at 6’4” and shortest was James Madison at 5’4”. The heaviest President was William...

African Methodist Episcopal Church Call for U.S. to End Aid to Israel

The African Methodist Episcopal Church is calling for the United States to end "all funding and other support from Israel," according to a letter.

SCOTUS Expected to Keep Trump on Ballot

U.S. Supreme Court Justices are expected to decide to keep Donald Trump on the ballot for the Colorado primary.

Texas Military Department Hangs Flag: ‘Come and Take It’

The Texas Military Department hung a flag reading, "Come and Take It."

Finnish Politician Räsänen Again Facing Demands For Prosecution Over Quoting Bible

Prominent Finnish politician Päivi Räsänen has faced repeated legal challenges for expressing her religious beliefs, showcasing a concerning trend in curbing free speech. Despite...

House Republicans Offer to Subpoena Hunter Biden Again

House Republicans have offered to accommodate Hunter Biden by issuing another subpoena after he refused to comply with the previous subpoena.

California’s Illegal Immigrant Health Care Covers Transgender Surgeries

California's program giving health care to illegal immigrants, Medi-Cal, also includes transgender surgeries.

Trump to be Included on Colorado Ballot: Secretary of State

Donald Trump will be included in the Colorado Presidential Primary Ballot, according to Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

Colorado GOP Petitions U.S. Supreme Court to Reinstate Trump on State Ballot

The Colorado GOP has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate Donald Trump on the state's ballot.

New York Gov. Creates Commission for Racial Reparations

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signed a bill establishing a task force for race-based reparations.

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