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Nearly 1 In 4 Teachers Adjusted Lesson Plans Despite Not Knowing CRT Laws In Place

Nearly one in four teachers say they changed their lesson plans due to laws banning Critical Race Theory (CRT), despite many not knowing which laws are actually in place, according to a 2023 national report.

Florida Denies AP African American Studies Course, Cites Lack of ‘Educational Value and Historical Accuracy’

"The course is a vehicle for a political agenda," said DeSantis' press secretary.

‘Woke’ Bronx Principal Preaches ‘Love and Respect,’ Gets Into Fight With Student At School

A woke high school principal who preaches love, respect and “creative responses” to conflict was caught on video shoving a student outside his Bronx Collaborative HS – and putting his dukes up to brawl.

Department of Education Probing California University for Alleged Race-Based Discrimination

The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights investigates University of California at San Francisco for potentially violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 with "Racial Affinity Caucusing Groups."

Omnibus Fraud

The nefarious $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill was passed by progressives in both parties.

Santa, Snowman Teach Children About Gender Identity

New Jersey parents have condemned school board officials after it was learned their children received a lesson about transgenderism from a "gender snowperson."

6 ‘Noncompliance’ Strategies for Protecting Kids and Teens in 2023

Since 2020, parents have had to contend with increasingly brazen efforts by governments, schools, foundations, Big Tech, Big Pharma and others to hijack, injure or destroy children’s minds and bodies.

University of North Carolina Removes Race Criteria for Fellowship Program

A nutrition fellowship program for the University of North Carolina removed its race-based criteria for membership following discrimination complaints.

15,000-Signature Petition Calls for Removal of Transgender Guidelines in Church of England Schools

A petition containing over 15,000 signatures has been submitted to the Church of England by a group of parents and members of the General Synod calling for the removal of guidelines promoting transgenderism in elementary schools.

Here are the 42 Biden Administration Officials House Republicans Have Put on Notice

House Republicans are wasting no time to get their agenda underway as they prepare to take control of the lower chamber, alerting at least 42 officials in the Biden administration that they will be expected to testify in a slew of GOP-led investigations early next year.

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