Donald Trump Held Higher Job Approval Than Joe Biden at This Point of His Presidency

Former President Donald Trump’s job approval was slightly higher than President Joe Biden’s at the same point in his presidency, according to the average of ratings charted by RealClearPolitics (RCP).

Spotify Adds COVID Consent Advisory Amid ‘Misinformation’ Concern

Spotify appears to be covering themselves following a disagreement about COVID-19 information by adding an advisory to podcasts that is meant to “combat misinformation.”

Dying COVID Patient’s Stunning Health Reversal After Budesonide Treatment from Dr. Richard Bartlett: Watch

Video shows man once gasping for air in a hospital bed, then working out in the gym only days after receiving corticosteroid treatment from Dr. Bartlett.

Poll: 70% Of Americans Say It’s Time to Accept COVID and Move On

The overwhelming majority of Americans believe it's time to move on from covid, according to a new Monmouth poll.

Lockdowns Had Little or No Impact on COVID-19 Deaths, New Study Shows

Lockdowns in the U.S. and Europe had little or no impact in reducing deaths from COVID-19, according to a new analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins University.

Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis Injuring Record Number of Young People. Will Shots Also Bankrupt Families?

Medical debt is the predominant cause for about 25% of consumer bankruptcies, with medical debt often triggered by "sudden adverse events — such as vaccine-induced myocarditis.

2022 ‘Likely’ to Bring More Republican Governors: FiveThirtyEight Analysis

"This is likely to be a better cycle for Republicans."

Unvaxxed Africa Reaches ‘Holy Grail’ COVID Stage: NPR

Coronavirus becoming a "more predictable seasonal bug like the flu or common cold."

People Giving Up Their Thinking During Pandemic in an Emerging Dystopia: Novelist Walter Kirn

Walter Kirn, a novelist, essayist, and journalist, has witnessed individuals give up reason to obey authority figures’ COVID-19 guidelines and mandates, he says, pushing us to further resemble a dystopian society.

N.Y. Republican Running for Congress Wants to ‘Federally Mandate the Death Penalty for Cop Killers’

Republican Desi Cuellar is running for election in AOC's congressional district and pushing legislation that would require those who kill police officers to be sentenced to death.

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