David Closson

It’s ‘Not Moral’ to Request Abstinence to Stop Monkeypox: LGBT Activists

New CDC data confirms that monkeypox overwhelmingly occurs in men who identify as gay or bisexual and who engage in risky sexual behavior—yet LGBT activists have said it is “not moral” to ask men to refrain from sex until the government can get the virus corralled.

Scholars Blast Report Claiming LGBT Laws Don’t Threaten Christians

Some Christian academics have condemned a study in an American Psychological Association publication because its findings about legislation that was meant to protect the LGBT community from discrimination didn't mirror reality.

Most Christians Are Frauds, Chilling Study Suggests—Only 6% Live Out A Biblical Worldview

Although a majority of American adults identify as Christian, only six percent of Americans actually live out a biblical worldview, according to a shocking new study.

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