Covid Mandates

Former NIH Chief Admits ‘Mistake’ in COVID Mandates

Former National Institutes of Health (NIH) head Francis Collins admitted that lockdowns and other public health mandates were "mistakes."

First Hospital in U.S. to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines Ends Requirement

Houston Methodist, the first hospital in the United States to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, will no longer require employees to receive the vaccine.

DeSantis to Oppose COVID Vaccine Funding if Elected President

Republican presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) said he would oppose more funding for COVID-19 vaccines if elected president.

Mask Mandates Re-Implemented at Colleges, Workplaces: ‘For the Next 14 Days’

New reports are circulating that colleges and offices are starting to reinstate COVID mandates and contract tracing.

Advocate of School Closures and COVID Mandates, Randi Weingarten, Appointed to Homeland Security Academic Partnership Council

Currently serving as the president of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the second-largest teachers' union in the country, Weingarten was instrumental in shaping COVID policies in academic settings.

White House Brings Back COVID Mandates For Unvaccinated ‘College Athlete Day’ Guests

The White House has continued to force guests who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to wear face masks and social distance, despite the federal government terminating the national emergency declaration for the pandemic.

UK Gov’t Surveilled Citizens Critical of COVID Mandates

Civil liberties organization Big Brother Watch released a report describing how the UK government monitored dissidents of Covid restrictions.

DeSantis to Ban COVID Mandates

“We need to lead with this by making all of these protections permanent in the Florida statutes," said DeSantis.

It’s Time the Pentagon Ended Its COVID Vaccine Mandate for the Military

White House officials are furious that the House on Thursday passed its defense funding bill — now headed to the Senate — with a provision that would force the Pentagon to end its coronavirus vaccine mandate for members of the military.

How Joe Biden Used Taxpayer Money To Buy Young Voters In The 2022 Midterms

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