French President Macron Says ‘We Need a Single Global Order’

French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called for world government.

Full Transcript of Trump’s 2024 Presidential Bid Announcement

"In order to make America great and glorious again, I am tonight announcing my candidacy for President of the United States."

It Isn’t Time to Care Who the 2024 Nominee Is

Yes, I know that on Tuesday night, Donald Trump announced he’s going to run for president again.

Female Beauty Pageants Can Exclude Men Who Identify as Women, 9th Circuit Rules

A federal appeals court this week upheld the rights of female-only beauty pageants to exclude biological males in a major case that impacts the debate over transgenderism in society.

Vermont School Suspends Female Student for Opposing Allowing Males in Girls’ Locker Room

A middle school in Vermont has suspended a female student for opposing biological males in her locker room.

Supermarket Looking to Sell Insects as ‘Sustainable’ Food

"We want to take bug consumption mainstream," said Yum Bug co-founder Leo Taylor.

Highschool Transgender Man Brutally Injures Female Opponent With Volleyball Spike

The all-girls volleyball team forfeited all games against the transgender's team due to safety concerns.

Data Show Conservatives Are Happier Than Leftists. Is Anyone Surprised?

The data on conservative happiness and liberal misery shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, and here’s why.

Hs Girls’ Volleyball Player Badly Injured With 70 MPH Spike to the Head by a Biological Male

The Cherokee County Board of Education met on Sept. 21 and decided, in a 5-1 vote, that Hiwassee Dam High School forfeit all girls’ volleyball matches against Highlands School.

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