Trump Cheers on RFK Jr.’s Presidential Bid: “Great for MAGA”

Former President Donald Trump hailed Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s presidential aspirations, deeming it "great for MAGA" and expressing his support for Kennedy's candidacy. "RFK Jr....

Wisconsin Republican Linked to CCP

A report from Breitbart News revealed that Robin Vos, the Republican Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, is a board member of the State Legislative Leaders Foundation (SLLF), an organization linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Chinese Communists Urge Xi Jinping to End Child Restrictions as Birth Rates Continue to Fall

A member of the influential Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee suggested that China should lift all restrictions on the child number laws can have and by extending equal recognition and benefits to the children of single parents.

National Day of Prayer: We Have Forgotten God…” Lincoln, “Awful Calamity … May Be but a Punishment … For Our Presumptuous Sins” – American...

President Reagan stated January 27, 1983: "In 1775, the Continental Congress proclaimed the first National Day of Prayer ... In 1783, the Treaty of Paris officially ended the long, weary Revolutionary War during...

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church & Ebenezer Baptist Church; and the Civil Rights Movement- American Minute with Bill...

Download as PDF ... In 1983, Republican President Ronald Reagan signed the bill to make the third Monday in January a holiday in honor of Baptist Pastor, Reverend...

Swing States Drafting Bills to Remove Biden from Ballot

Republican lawmakers from three swing states are drafting bills to remove President Joe Biden from the ballot.

Roseanne Barr ‘All In’ for Donald Trump

Comedian Rosanne Barr said she was "all in" for Donald Trump during a Turning Point AmericaFest event.

Trump Proposes Non-Woke Educational Option: ‘American Academy’

Former President Donald Trump presented an alternative to current woke education, the "American Academy."

Trump Promises to ‘Immediately Reinstate and Expand’ Travel Bans if Elected President

At campaign stops in Iowa, Donald Trump promised to implement strict U.S. border policies, suspend refugee resettlement, and revoke the visas of radical students, according to The Post Millennial.

Hungarian Prime Minister Calls Out E.U.’s ‘Orwellian’ Policies

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán criticized the European Union's (E.U.) globalist policies that are destroying countries.

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