Commanding Officer

Uvalde School Board Votes Unanimously to Fire Police Chief Pete Arredondo

The Uvalde school board voted unanimously on Wednesday night to immediately fire police chief Pete Arredondo over the disastrous response to the shooting at...

Pentagon ‘Trampling’ on Freedoms, Say Nearly 600 Service Members Who Refused Vaccine Mandate

A mid-June report is making its way into the hands of U.S. Representatives and Senators.

Russian Officials Using Memes to Poke Fun at International Concern Over War

Officials from Russia have begun to make jokes at the expense of Western nations, claiming their mistrust of Russia over potential war.

US Warship Stuck Overseas as Navy Tries to Halt COVID Outbreak Among Fully Vaccinated Crew

The littoral combat ship USS Milwaukee and its crew are stuck at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba amid a coronavirus outbreak.

Commanding officer dictates ‘religious beliefs’ to military chaplain

Decision challenged as 'wildly inappropriate and offensive'

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