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ACLU Supports Meta’s Decision to Reinstate Trump Account

Social media companies "should err on the side of allowing a wide range of political speech, even when it offends," said ACLU executive director Anthony Romero.

Wokeness Is Coming for Classical Christian Education

It’s been a good year for classical Christian education.

New COVID Subvariants Evade Vax: Peer-Reviewed Study

The BQ and XBB subvariants of the COVID-19 virus Omicron have altered antibody evasion properties that make them more difficult to neutralize with current vaccines and monoclonal antibodies, according to a study published in the journal Cell.

Barnard College Will Offer Medication Abortions for Students

Barnard College, a private women's school affiliated with Columbia University, is making medication abortions available to its students, saying that providing the service is part of its plans to expand healthcare options.

WEF Member Says U.S. and Poland Likely Responsible for Nord Stream Pipeline Destruction

The prevailing theory has been that Russia was behind the puncture.

Hospital Pulls Ad After Critics Complain It ‘Normalized’ Myocarditis in Kids

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital pulled a 30-second ad about myocarditis in children after Children’s Health Defense and numerous doctors accused the hospital of normalizing and trivializing...

Georgetown Requiring Masks Again Due to COVID, Monkeypox

Mandates go into effect for the fall semester.

Vaccine Caused New Polio Outbreak: Associated Press

For years, global health officials have used billions of drops of an oral vaccine in a remarkably effective campaign aimed at wiping out polio...

Lia Thomas Gets Beaten Out by a Real Woman and It’s Glorious

Just under two weeks ago, Lia Thomas, a male athlete who believes he is a woman, was nominated for the NCAA’s “Woman of the Year” award.

Bread Causing $10-Per-Loaf Sticker Shock as Inflation Surges

Bread prices are becoming another source of sticker shock for grocery shoppers during a period of decades-high inflation, according to a report.

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