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Cambridge Dictionary Alters Definition of ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’

The Cambridge Dictionary is facing backlash after changing the definition of "man" and "woman" to include gender identity rather than biological sex.

Biden Says He’s In Favor Of Minors Getting Transgender Surgery

President Joe Biden said Sunday he opposed states restricting access to irreversible sex-change surgeries for minors, saying any restrictions are “outrageous” and “immoral.” The president...

Boston Children’s Hospital Says Children Can Know They’re Transgender ‘From The Womb’ In Deleted Video

The hospital created the first pediatric center in the country dedicated to gender-affirming surgeries. Amala Ekpunobi of PragerU and Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow Chris Rufo...

Major Banks and Tech Company Sponsor ‘Drag Kids on Stage’

Wells Fargo, Target, Hewlett-Packard, and CitiBank have all sponsored the event.

A Century of Bureaucratic Failure — and the Coming Opportunity to Fix It – The American Spectator

GE explains that Christopher Rufo, the conservative activist “credited with inspiring” the Trump-proposed executive order meant to end the so-called “diversity and inclusionary training” for government employees, is at it again.

Almost 200 K-12 Educators Charged With Child Sex Crimes in First Half of 2022

77% of arrests were alleged crimes against students.

Weird New Disney+ Show ‘Baymax’ Features Transgender Tampon Scene

A new Disney+ series featuring a bizarre character called Baymax who looks like a scuffed Michelin Man features a scene where Baymax takes advice about tampons from a ‘transgender’ person.

Anti-Woke ‘American Birthright’ Project Seeks to Restore Patriotism to State Education

A national civics organization laid out a new set of academic standards this week for K-12 social studies classes aimed at improving education throughout the country and combating the rampant anti-American bias it says has taken hold in social studies instruction.

New Left-Wing Theory Parents Are Fighting In Schools: ‘SEL’

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the latest education concern among parents who are worried about the state of the American education system.

How Woke Is Too Woke? Corporate America’s Sharp Left Turn Prompts Unprecedented Backlash

Critics of corporate wokeness say enough, mobilize to combat firms' embrace of far-left causes

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