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Government Restrictions On Religious Groups, Churches At All-Time High Before And During Pandemic

Government restrictions on religious groups and churches showed to be on an all-time high before and during the pandemic.

Government Harassment And Restrictions On Religious Groups At An All Time High

The Pew Research Center has recently released its 12th annual report on how 198 nations and territories infringe on its citizens' religious rights. The new report compares data from the pre-pandemic period of 2019 to the latest year with available data across more than a dozen United NAtions, U.S., nad European, and civil society sources.

Evangelicals Supporting an Atheist Chaplain

The city on a hill long ago hid its light under a bowl. Do Evangelicals need to throw dirt on that bowl?

A Christian rebuttal to Christianity Today’s anti-intellectual piece on Jesus and guns

One of the greatest disappointments to me within American Christendom these days is the growing intellectual malaise amongst those who, by virtue of their own professed worldview, have greater reason than any group to grow their minds to spiritual maturity.

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