Christian Persecution

Christians in West increasingly targets of ‘polite persecution’

Attacks 'may not be as immediate or acute, but they can be culturally lethal'

2021 Report Details Persecution of Biblical Proportions: ‘This Bomb Reverberates on Every Corner of the Globe’

Christians are being persecuted around the world at a pace not seen since the first century, one expert says.

Eritrea: 13 Christians remain imprisoned after 2 raids on prayer meetings

Thirteen Eritrean Christians remain imprisoned after authorities raided two separate prayer meetings last month where 35 people were taken into custody, including several women.

Chinese Communist Party Shuts Down, Confiscates All Property From Church.

The Chinese Communist Party shut down and seized property belonging to a church in China’s Chongqing municipality.

Christian persecution: 200 Killed, 40,000 Displaced in DRC Since January

( The UNHCR has reported an “alarming increase” in attacks by the terrorist group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the start of this year.

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