Banking Giant Will Help Employees Get Abortions by Paying for Travel, Hotel Rooms

Cites 'changes in reproductive healthcare laws in certain states'

A Primer on the Russia Collusion Hoax’s Years-Long Plot to Take Down Trump

For those who care about our country’s future but don’t want to be buried in the minutia of the Russia collusion hoax scandal, here is your big-picture primer.

The Choice for Christian Conservatives: Christ or Chaos?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is regarded as an American hero because he called on the country to live up to its lofty ideals. He did so not as a constitutional scholar or elected official, but as a Baptist preacher.

C.D.C. Removes Almost One-Quarter of Minor Aged COVID-Related Deaths From Official Count

The CDC has changed the status of tens of thousands of COVID-related deaths, including 24% of minor deaths previously credited to the pandemic.

Major US Bank Tells Abortion-Seeking Employees It Will Cover the Cost of Their Travel

One of America's largest banking corporations is reportedly shelling out cash to help employees circumvent state abortion laws.

Texas Mail Ballot Rejections Soar Under New Restrictions

Texas threw out mail votes at an abnormally high rate during the nation’s first primary of 2022, rejecting nearly 23,000 ballots outright under tougher voting rules that are part of a broad campaign by Republicans to reshape American elections, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.

Treating Long-Haul COVID Syndrome – Mercola

Long COVID, also known as long-haul COVID, chronic COVID or long-haul syndrome, refers to symptoms that persist for four or more weeks after an initial COVID-19 infection. Board-certified internist and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough discusses potential treatments for long-haul COVID in the video above, including which tests may be necessary and when to seek emergency medical care.

Illegal Immigrant Crossing Arrests up 63% in February

Number of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the southern border up 63% over February 2021.

Senate Passes Bill to Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent: ‘Stop the Back and Forth Changing’

Sen. Marco Rubio introduced the Sunshine Protection Act with 17 bipartisan cosponsors.

Senator Seeks Information on Spike in Disease Rates in Military Database

A U.S. senator is seeking information on the spike in disease rates reported in a U.S. military database.

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