Popular Sweetener Aspartame ‘Possibly Carcinogenic to Humans’

Popular non-sugar sweetener has been classified as "possibly carcinogenic to humans" due to "limited evidence."

U.K. Food Prices at Highest Level in Half a Century

Food prices from inflation are the highest in 45 years.

European Union Approves Cricket Powder in Flour-Based Foods Despite Allergy Concerns

Despite left-wing news outlets' "conspiracy" allegations.

Woke Kellogg’s Is Breaking Up After Years of Disappointing Performance

The Kellogg Company, one of the original perpetrators of Woke Capitalism, said Tuesday that it is breaking itself up into three independent companies.

FDA’s (In)Action Plan Still Allows Baby Foods with Toxic Heavy Metals on Store Shelves

On February 4, 2021, the public results of a congressional report on heavy metals in baby food sparked outrage in parents of infants and toddlers.

Global Food Prices Have Increased by 20% Since Last Year

its report on worldwide food prices for February and found that prices hit a record high last month.

The Rise of Weak Men is Killing American Innovation and Prosperity

Weak men’s control of culture has undermined the nation that allowed them to flourish in the first place. H

Fill In Your Preferred Pronouns with Kellogg’s LGBTQ “Pride” Cereal


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