Nebraska State Senator Becomes Republican, Cites Pro-Life Beliefs

Mike McDonnell, a Nebraska state senator, announced that he has switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Democrat Fundraising Dips

Decrease of over $30 million compared to the same period in the 2020 cycle.

United Nations Employees Caught Smuggling Cocaine Into Israel

The illicit substance was cleverly concealed as an ingredient in perfume-making kits.

Schiff Censured by Congress

25th House member to be censured.

List of 20 Republicans Who Voted Not to Censure Democrat Adam Schiff

"I will be filing a privileged motion to censure & send Schiff to ethics for investigation," vowed the bill's author, Rep. Luna. "See you next week Adam."

Montana Transgender Lawmaker Censured After ‘Hate-Filled Testimony’

A transgender lawmaker from Montana was censured last week after she was accused of giving a "hate-filled testimony" while debating a bill that would ban transgender medical care for minors.

Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis Wins Case Against Liberal Organization

Former Trump Attorney Jenna Ellis won a court case against the liberal group 65 Project and will keep her law license after being censured by a Colorado judge.

Strange New Organ Transplant Methods Raise Urgent Questions

If you or a loved one has needed an organ transplant, you know the problem firsthand: There are not enough organs for those who need them and there is a long waiting period.

WaPo Editor Admonishes Staff to ‘Treat Each Other with Respect and Kindness’ as Numerous Messy Feuds Play Out on Twitter. It Doesn’t Work.

After several days of various Washington Post staffers dragging internal feuds into the public square of Twitter, Executive Editor Sally Buzbee sent a memo to Post staff admonishing them to “treat each other with respect and kindness.”

Republicans Officially Censure Cheney & Kinzinger, Remain Loyal Trump: ‘Back Him 100%’

“If President Trump decides he’s running, absolutely the RNC needs to back him, 100%,” said RNC committeewoman Michele Fiore.

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