‘Good Samaritan’ With Gun Ends Greenwood Park Mall Shooting

Police say the actions of a Bartholomew County man saved lives after a shooter opened fire in the Greenwood Park Mall Sunday evening.

Alabama Churchgoer in His 70s Hailed as a Hero for Bludgeoning, Apprehending Gunman in Deadly Church Shooting

There was a deadly shooting at an Alabama church on Thursday, but it could have been even more bloody if it was not for...

In Memoriam of the Fallen—Memorial Day 2022

On the road south from Los Angeles, two-thirds of the way to San Diego, one will drive past Camp Pendleton. Each time I pass...

Putin Praises ‘Country, Faith, Traditional Values, Ancestral Customs and Respect for All Peoples and Cultures’

"As for the West, it seems to be determined to cancel these millennia-old values," Putin said.

Researchers Study Crafting Messages for Vaccine Compliance

In a study sponsored by Yale University — and started before COVID-19 shots were rolled out — researchers tested different messages of how to best persuade people to get injected.

Navy Seals Unite To Run Against Nancy Pelosi: WATCH

Six Navy SEAL veterans running for congress this year released an ad highlighting the bravery of troops fighting for America and their quest to beat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Kamala Harris Compares Jan 6 to 911 and Pearl Harbor

Kamala Harris compared three major dates in US history during a speech marking the one-year anniversary of the Capitol breach.

Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty in Sex Trafficking Trial: Faces 60 Years in Prison

Jeffrey Epstein's longtime companion Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty of multiple sex trafficking charges after a shorter-than-expected trial.

How Did the FBI End Up in This Mess?

The fact that the FBI has lost its way has been on public display for at least five years now.  Truth be told, it probably strayed off course way before that.  But during the Trump Presidency, it became too obvious to ignore.

UPenn Parents Plead with NCAA to Change Rules After Trans Swimmer Dominates Women’s Competition

Parents of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team have written a letter urging the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to change its rules on transgender athletes in response to Lia Thomas – a biological male – dominating the competition.

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