CDC Data Shows Excess Deaths After Increased Public Masking, Vaccinations: Cardiologist (Watch)

Data "shows the consequence of these vaccines and masks," said Dr. Fleming.

Republicans Approve $40 Billion to Ukraine While America Suffers at Its Own Southern Border

See the list of House Republicans who approved the bill, including Cheney, Crenshaw, Kinzinger, McCarthy.

Why Doesn’t Hong Kong’s Tragic Subjugation Get as Much Attention as Ukraine?

Hong Kong “elected” a new chief while the world wasn’t paying attention.

Ukraine’s Zelensky Shares Image of Soldier With Nazi Insignia

As Russia celebrated the defeat of fascism in WWII, President Zelensky of Ukraine shared an image of a soldier wearing an SS patch.

Dem N.Y.C. Mayor Eric Adams Calls Out BLM After Shootings in City

Eric Adams has blasted Black Lives Matter activists for failing to act after a series of shootings ripped across New York City in yet another night of bloodshed.

Russian Children Bullied Over Russia-Ukraine War, ‘Afraid of Being Dropped Off at School in the Morning’: Human Rights Org

Human rights organization reports Russian children in Danish and other schools being bullied due to their nationality.

U.K. Supplying Air Defense Systems to Ukraine: British Foreign Secretary

A recent statement from the British foreign secretary indicates that the nation will be offering air defense systems to Ukraine as they fend off Russia's military operation.

Donbass Residents Describe Being Attacked by Ukrainian Gov’t Since 2016

"The information war is ongoing. And now, in the MSM, there are too many things that are simply not true," says Donbass mother.

‘Influence Church’ Partners with Romanian Congregation ‘Logos Faith’ to Support Ukrainian Refugees (Video, Pictures)

Southern California church teams up with Romanian group bringing aid to mothers and children displaced by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russian Foreign Ministry Blames N.A.T.O.’s Actions, West’s Silence on Donbass’ Suffering Under Ukraine for Disaster in Europe

"Russia did not launch a war, it is ending it," Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zakharova said.

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