German Ministry’s Woke Definition of ‘Being White’ Removed After Public Backlash

A newly minted website of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth triggered consternation in the country after it defined White people as benefitting from White privilege and claimed that “being White” means benefitting from racism.

‘This Is a Cult’: How Wealthy Santa Barbara Foreshadowed the Fight Against Crackpot Curriculum

In the fight to protect school children from radical curricula, the canary in the coal mine was a California coastal community once home to former President Ronald Reagan’s personal ranch and now home to ultra-wealthy white liberals as well as a large underclass of poor Hispanics.

Rasmussen Reports: Voters Believe VP Harris Unqualified

More than half of likely U.S. voters don’t believe Vice President Kamala Harris is qualified to be president, the latest Rasmussen Reports survey found.

Over 60% Of Americans Back Florida’s Limits On K-3 Lessons On Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity: Daily Wire Poll

Nearly two-thirds of Americans support the key features of Florida’s H.B. 1557 “Parental Rights in Education” proposal (dubbed by Democrats as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill), according to a new poll released on Monday by The Daily Wire.

‘People’s Convoy’ CA to D.C. Route Released: Here’s Where You Can Join Them

The “People’s Convoy” moved out from Adelanto Stadium in Southern California and released a statement about their movements across the country to Washington D.C., where they plan to arrive on March 5.

A.D.L. Defines ‘Racism’ as Something Only ‘White People’ Can Commit

"The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people."

Civil Rights Leader Blasts Biden and Harris: ‘Progressives Have Hijacked the Rich Legacy of the Civil Rights Movement’

Civil rights leader Bob Woodson railed against progressives who he accused of "hijacking" the 1960s movement that he was heavily involved in and helped coordinate national and local community revitalization programs.

The Loathsome Ruling Class and the January 6th Protestors

On January 6, 2022, the governing and corporate media wing of the ruling class put on a sophomoric production commemorating the first anniversary of a contrived “insurrection.”  Self-righteous preening and blatant propagandizing amid a sea of lies were the hallmarks of the ceremony.

Insiders Say MSNBC Race-Focused Joy Reid Is Finally Being Taken Off The Air

Rumours of axe for bigoted host cite her being “less than truthful about past incidents”

Black Americans Reject Transgender Claim 10 to One: Poll

Nine out of ten Black Americans reject the claim there are more than two genders, in Rasmussen poll.

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