Biometric Data

JPMorgan to Launch Biometric Payments

JPMorgan Chase is expected to launch biometric payments, as it is currently involved in several pilot programs for the technology.

Israeli Legislation Expands Public Space Surveillance

Upcoming Israeli legislation would expand surveillance in public spaces by utilizing facial recognition.

Company Launches Vein Scanner for Biometric Access to Data

Privacy concerns have been voiced since the device was introduced.

First Canadian Airline Begins Implementing Digital ID

Air Canada announced its launch of a pilot program testing “digital identification using facial recognition technology to validate customer identification quickly."

TSA Quietly Begins Using Facial Recognition

"First generation CAT units are designed to scan a traveler’s photo identification, confirm the traveler’s identity as well as their flight details," according to TSA.

Bank of England Planning Digital Currency System

"It is likely a digital pound will be needed in the future,” said Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey and Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt.

Hackers Purchase Sensitive U.S. Military Biometric Data on eBay

German security researchers purchase biometric device from eBay containing sensitive military data, raising privacy and security concerns.

Texas Takes Google to Court for Allegedly Harvesting Biometric Data Without Consent

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, filed suit against Google last week for alleged violations of state law against collecting biometric data without informed consent.

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