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Ministry Delivers 225K Bibles to North Macedonia, Where Many Can’t Access Scripture in Their Language

A Texas-based Christian ministry that once smuggled Bibles into the Soviet Union delivered the largest donation of children's Bibles to the Eastern European country of North Macedonia, where many children don't have access to Scripture in their own language.

92% Of Bible Users Say Scripture Has ‘Transformed’ Their Life

A new study finds that the overwhelming majority of those who read the Bible at least three times a year have experienced transformation as a result of their encounters with Scripture, along with a sizable minority of Christians who interact with the Bible less frequently.

92 Percent of Bible Users Say Scripture ‘Has Transformed My Life’

More than 90 percent of Americans who read the Bible say its message has transformed their lives, according to new research by the American Bible Society that also revealed that Scripture has a positive impact on many non-readers, too.

‘Americans Who Consistently Read and Apply the Bible Report Greater Levels of Hope and Resilience’: Study

Atheists will often decry the Bible and its contents, yet study after study shows the strong benefits faith offers individuals and, in turn, the culture at large.

Survey Shows Unprecedented Drop in U.S. Bible Reading

The number of “Bible users,” defined as those who read the Bible on their own outside a church setting even as few as three or four times a year, took an unprecedented drop in the American Bible Society’s (ABS) “State of the Bible USA 2022” study.

$100M Ad Campaign Aims to Make Jesus the ‘Biggest Brand in Your City’

“He Gets Us,” an effort to attract skeptics and cultural Christians, launches nationally this month. But Christians still have questions about how the church markets faith.

Survey Reveals Evangelicals More Likely To Live Out Their Faith

Evangelical-affiliated churches had more "practicing" Christians than other mainstream denominations, says a recent American Bible Society (ABS) study.

Christians Are Gaining Hope and Confidence During the Pandemic Through Reading the Bible, a Survey Finds

Increased reading of the Bible during the pandemic is leading to Christians feeling hope in God and a sense of confidence in the future, despite what’s happening around them.

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