TikTok bans Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton

“Permanently banned." "No warning."

US Sanctions Chinese Institutes Reportedly Working on ‘Brain-Control Weaponry’

The Financial Times earlier reported, citing a US official, that China was trying to get its hands on advanced technologies developed in the United States, including gene editing and human performance enhancement technologies, as well as brain-machine interfaces.

Chinese Police Publicly Shame Covid Lockdown Violaters By Parading Them Through Streets

Hardcore communist tactics making a comeback in the land of the Cultural Revolution

China Defends Joe Biden from ‘Morbid Abuse’ of ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’

China’s government-run propaganda newspaper Global Times defended President Joe Biden on Monday from Americans using the phrase “let’s go, Brandon” to signal dissatisfaction with his job performance, claiming it is representative of “extreme political sentiment” and branding it “abuse.”

Chinese Military-Linked HDI Chairman Attended Joe Biden’s Inauguration

The Chinese military-linked Humpty Dumpty Institute Chairman Dr. Al Khalafalla attended the exclusive inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021.

Biden Signs Bill Banning Chinese Imports Made Using Forced Labor

President Joe Biden has signed a bill banning imports from China’s Xinjiang region amid concerns over forced labor, the White House announced Thursday.

Amazon Deleted Reviews Critical Of Chinese Communist Party Book

Internal memos alongside insiders from have revealed the company’s concerted effort to appease the Chinese Communist Party – including by partnering with state propaganda operatives and scrubbing web reviews critical of the regime.

Former Harvard Prof Found Guilty of Hiding Ties to University Lab in Wuhan

A former Harvard University chemistry professor was found guilty Tuesday of lying about his ties to China and not reporting income paid to him by a Chinese-run recruitment program.

Virginia company paid millions to broadcast CCP propaganda took $100,000 PPP loan

A Virginia company registered as a foreign agent of a Chinese Communist Party media outlet and that owns a radio station paid millions to broadcast CCP propaganda got $100,000 from the U.S. government last year.

‘Hit Them Where It Hurts’: Persecution Watchdogs’ Pressing Call for American Christians to Boycott the Beijing Olympics

A persecution watchdog is calling on American Christians to step up pressure on China and to boycott the Beijing Olympics, citing China’s “ongoing history of human rights abuses.”

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