L.A. Spending $800K to House a Single Homeless Person

An audit of the city of Los Angeles funds found that the city spent $1.2 billion on a program that was meant to build housing for the homeless, but the cost is now projected to cost around $837,000 per unit.

Only 26% of Americans Want U.S. Significantly Involved in the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A recent poll shows that just over one-quarter of Americans want the United States to become heavily involved in the overseas conflict in Eastern Europe.

Saying ‘Honk Honk’ Is a Euphemism for ‘Heil Hitler,’ Claims Canadian Parliament Member

A “woke” Canadian parliament member has asserted that those supporting the Freedom Convoy by saying “Honk Honk” are actually insinuating that they support Adolf Hitler.

Ukrainian President Focuses on Peace While Biden, Media Hype War

"We are committed to the peaceful and diplomatic path, we will follow it and only it," Zelenskyy said.

Chicago Lifts Mask Mandate for Adults, Keeps It in Place for School Children

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced the end of mask mandates for many indoor spaces in her city, saying the mandates will end next week.

Bill Gates ‘Sad’ COVID Infections Offer Better Immunity Than Vax

Tech entrepreneur Bill Gates said recently he found it unfortunate that the Omicron strain of COVID-19 created better immunity than man-made vaccines.

Is Your Drinking Water Polluted by Big Pharma?

Scientists studying the world’s rivers found dangerous levels of drugs are contaminating water on every continent — including in the U.S. — because pharmaceuticals are not purified out of drinking water systems.

NBC Olympics Ratings Tank

The fool’s gold medal for the least-watched Winter Olympics goes to NBC.

Bill Gates: ‘Sadly Omicron Has Done a Better Job Than the Vaccines’

COVID variant provided huge natural immunity.

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