GETTR Shadow Bans Reporter Who Queried Ban of America First Streamer, Has ‘Nothing More to Say’

Elijah Schaffer, the Blaze reporter who queried the GETTR ban of America First streamer Nick Fuentes has been shadowbanned on the platform.

Trump Responds to Biden Jan. 6 Criticism

Former President Donald Trump fired back at President Joe Biden Thursday morning after Biden blamed him for the events of Jan. 6.

Trump Explains Why He Cancelled His Jan 6 Press Conference at Mar-a-Lago: ‘Total Bias & Dishonesty’

President Trump announces why he will not be presenting tomorrow on the anniversary of January 6th in an official statement.

Trump Cancels Jan 6 Event Amid Senate Republicans’ Complaints

Former President Donald Trump announced Tuesday that he would be canceling a planned press conference that was to be held on January 6th.

Homeland Security: No Known ‘Threats’ Ahead of Capitol Hill Anniversary

U.S. Homeland Security’s top official told reporters on Jan. 4 that the department was “not aware of any specific, credible threats at this point related to Jan. 6, 2022,” one year after protesters breached the Capitol building.

Latino Community Rejects Woke Term ‘Latinx’

The oldest Latino rights organization in the United States and elected officials have spoken out strongly against "Latinx", the all-inclusive term promoted by progressives to refer to Hispanics.

Trump’s First Rally of 2022 Will Be Held in Arizona on Jan 15

Donald Trump announces his first rally of the new year will be held in Arizona on January 15.

Trump Confidant Kerik Surrenders Memos to Jan. 6 Panel, Vows to ‘Eviscerate’ Democrat Narrative

Memos show Trump team planned pressure campaign ahead of Jan. 6 to shame governors and state officials into investigating suspected election irregularities.


In an upcoming exclusive interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn, President Trump predicted a “tremendous Republican victory” in the 2022 midterm elections, adding another “tremendous victory” in the 2024 presidential race.

Virginia School District Targets Inequity by Shooting at Grades and Deadlines

For those currently in school who’ve been oppressed by the evils of conditions, rejoice: You may soon receive unconditional love.

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