South Texas Police Department Issues Public Health Announcement After COVID-Stricken Migrants Seen ‘Coughing, Sneezing’ At Whataburger

The La Joya Police Department issued a public health announcement after an officer approached an undocumented migrant family at Whataburger who told him Border Patrol released them because they had COVID-19.

Biden Offers Americans $100 to Get Vaxxed—JAMA Calls It ‘Coercive’

Joe Biden on Thursday called for newly vaccinated Americans to receive $100 payments, but a peer-reviewed medical journal publication from January disagrees with the approach.

Migrants arrive to US border from all over the world: ‘We are seeing a permanent change’

arriving at the country’s borders under the Biden administration, specifically to come across the U.S.-Mexico border illegally and risk getting caught.

Texas Border Patrol encounters ‘largest group of migrants’ this year with over 700 apprehended in three days

Border Patrol authorities in La Grulla, Texas, encountered the biggest group of migrants in the region over the weekend for this fiscal year as over 700 individuals were apprehended by law enforcement between Friday and Sunday.

Feds made more than 1 million apprehensions this fiscal year at US-Mexico border, report

The over 1 million milestones comes after agents made 188,829 apprehensions in june.

Trump Writes An Op-Ed Comparing His Border Triumphs to Biden’s Border Crisis

On the same day President Donald Trump visited the U.S. Southern Border, The Washington Times published an opinion piece written by Trump himself blasting the Biden administration's failure to secure the U.S. Southern Border wall: "All Joe Biden had to do was paint it."

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