NBA Star Matisse Thybulle Unable to Play Road Games for Vax Status

Philadelphia 76ers player Matisse Thybulle will not be able to compete in road games during the first round of playoffs due to Canada's vaccine requirements.

Lawmaker Wants Answers After Report on Biden’s Twisted Plan to Divert Services From Sick Veterans

If you’re not clear on the Biden administration’s priorities, Sen. Josh Hawley is.

COVID Vaccines Don’t Prevent Transmission, Severe Illness or Deaths, Data Show

All we have to do is look at high-quality epidemiological data to get to the truth — COVID-19 vaccines aren’t preventing COVID or its transmission, and they aren’t preventing severe illness or death.

Not Everything Is Ideology, Disney

No matter what kind of attitude you adopt on the street, the way you dress, the speed you choose to drive at, or the words you use to address the shopkeeper, someone will be watching and forming a political opinion about you.

Maxine Waters Yells at Homeless People to ‘Go Home’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) reportedly told a group of homeless people in Los Angeles to “go home.”

The Oscars No Longer Matter…that’s a Good Thing

Oscars ratings have collapsed 70% in the last ten years alone.

Joe Rogan: ‘I Will Quit’ Spotify if I Have to ‘Walk on Eggshells’

The hugely popular, and hugely controversial, podcast host is threatening to quit the music streaming giant, leaving their $200 million deal on the table.

Rubio: China Has Deputized ‘Woke’ American Corporations as Its Lobbyists

The Chinese Communist Party has deputized “woke” American corporations to function as lobbyists on its behalf, Sen. Marco Rubio argued in an address Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation.

Federalist Editor Warns Warns, ‘Big Tech Will Eventually Silence Everyone Who Dissents From Their Woke Ideology’ Following Twitter Censorship Over Rachel Levine Comment

Twitter has locked the account of a senior editor at the Federalist, John Daniel Davidson, over a post in which Davidson referred to Admiral Rachel Levine as "a man."

Russia Says West Not Welcome at Peace Talks

Moscow’s Western partners “can’t be trusted anymore,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says

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