Zionist Organization of America Awards Former President Trump Rare Honor

The Zionist Organization of America, which works to strengthen U.S.-Israel relations and combat anti-Israel bias, announced last Friday that it will award the "rarely given" Theodor Herzl Medallion to former President Donald Trump.

DOD Professes Necessity for ‘Diversity Equity and Inclusion’

Department of Defense launches campaign for Diversity Equity and Inclusion in the military.

Alan Dershowitz’s stark warning: Justice system becoming infected by critical race theory

"Trials and justice have ceased to be about individual justice," famed law professor says. "They're about identity politics."

Ben & Jerry’s Anti-Israel Move Backfires as Retailers Announce They Will Stop Selling Their Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s appears intent on destroying its bottom line not only in Israel, but here in the U.S., with its announced boycott of the so-called West Bank.

Amazon Promotes Hate Speech, Allows Sale of Pro-Antifa & Anti-Police Bigotry

Amazon is violating its own corporate policy against “offensive and controversial” items by selling pro-Antifa, anti-police and anti-Israel merchandise.

BLM Co-Founder Called For An End To Israel

“End the imperialist project that's called Israel.”

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