Companies Covering Workers’ Abortion Costs Can Expect Legal Challenges

My colleague at PJ Media Athena Thorne wrote a list of companies who have promised employees they will cover costs related to travel for an abortion.

FBI Investigating Attacks Against Pro-life Clinics Ahead of Roe v Wade Decision

The FBI is investigating the recent attacks and vandalism of pro-life pregnancy centers and churches as potential acts of domestic violence or extremism ahead of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could overturn the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

Roe Fear Mongering: Salon Says Prisons Will Overflow

Oh look, more lefty fear-mongering over the imminent demise of Roe v. Wade. Jessica Corbett sure knows how to whip panic into liberals in her June 17 Salon piece.

Violence Against Anti-abortion Movement Increases Ahead of Dobbs Decision

Violence and threats against the anti-abortion movement have increased in recent weeks as the Supreme Court prepares to issue opinions in a landmark abortion case.

SBC President Candidate Tom Ascol Calls to Criminalize Abortion

Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries and other abolitionists opposed the long-standing "incremental" strategy, advocating for sanctions for women, ahead of a probable verdict to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Anti-Abortion HQ Fire Bombed, Ransacked, Vandalized

An anti-abortion group’s headquarter in Madison, Wisconsin was apparently firebombed, ransacked, and tagged with menacing threats with graffiti late on Saturday night.

Why Biden Is Making Common Criminals Out of Average Americans

MAGA stands in the way of his superiors' globalist agenda.

Kentucky Blocks Abortion

Kentucky effectively suspended abortion access on Wednesday as the legislature enacted a sweeping pr-life law that took effect right away and requires providers to stop offering abortions until they can meet certain requirements.

‘She Was in the Middle of Having an Abortion’: Daily Wire Reporter Joins Laura Ingraham to Discuss Gruesome Reports of D.C. Abortion Clinic

Fox News host Laura Ingraham interviewed Daily Wire reporter Mary Margaret Olohan Friday night over Olohan’s recent investigation into a Washington, D.C., abortion clinic.

‘Gosnell’ Filmmaker Preparing to Release Drama ‘My Son Hunter’

'Perfect storm' with renewed interest in Biden scandal amid White House denials

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