FBI Director: Chinese Are ‘Exporting Their Repression’ Running Illegal Police Operations Stateside

FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed during a Senate hearing Thursday that communist Chinese agents have been setting up illegal "police stations" on American soil and targeting critics of Xi Jinping's genocidal regime.

Meta Cuts 11,000 Jobs: Zuckerberg Admits He Made Bad Trend Predictions

The company founder admits to overextending investments.

Uganda’s President Breaks Away From Europe’s Climate Change Alarmist ‘Hypocrisy’

The African president took exception to restrictions put on his nation regarding oil and gas retrieval.

Establishment Media Assembling 2022 Election Denial

Several legacy media companies have begun publishing articles warning Americans of misinformation, extremism, and Russian hacks in preparation for 2022 midterm denials.

J&J Buys Heart-Device Maker Specializing in Pumps that Treat ‘Heart Attack, Heart Failure’ After ‘Serious Blood Clotting Disorders’ Were Linked to J&J’s COVID Vax

"Abiomed sells Impella heart pumps for treatment of conditions including a heart attack, heart failure and clogged arteries."

Newsom Admits Democrats Are Getting ‘Crushed on Narrative’

Newsom's warning comes less than a week before the midterm elections.

Coal Mine in Germany Destroys Wind Farm to Boost Energy Supply, Climate Activists Outraged

An energy company in Germany is demolishing a wind farm to allow for a coal mine to boost the country's energy supply, enraging climate activists.

Fetterman to Use Computer Assistance in Tuesday Debate Against Oz for PA Senate

Managers for Democratic Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman's campaign released a memo to set the expectations for tomorrow's debate with Mehmet Oz, stating that the doctor is entering the bout with a "huge built-in advantage."

Fauci Says ‘All Hell’ Could ‘Break Loose’ If Vax Is Taken Without Long-Term Safety Testing: NIAID Director on Vax Dangers in 1999 (Video)

"Then you find out that it takes twelve years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?" Dr. Fauci warned about vaccinating people against AIDS without collecting long-term safety data first.

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