Address to Congress

Jill Biden and Kamala Harris’ Husband Kiss During SOTU In Viral Video

During the State of the Union address Tuesday night, First Lady Jill Biden and Kamala Harris' husband were spotted kissing in front of the crowd.

Zelenskyy’s Address to U.S. Congress: ‘Peace Is More Important than Income’ (Video)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivers virtual address to Congress.

The US Government vs. the United States

Advocates of empire and interventionism are saying that even given the debacle in Afghanistan, America should not “retreat” from the world. Even though our nation has lost “credibility” in the world, they say, it is imperative that the United States continue to project power and influence around the world. To do otherwise, they say, would create a “vacuum” into which would flow Russia, China, Iran, the terrorists, or some other adversary, opponent, or enemy. Some of them are even bringing up the dreaded I word — isolationism! 

CNN Poll: 51% Had ‘Very Positive’ Reaction to Biden Speech—57% for Trump in 2017

A CNN poll of viewers who watched President Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress found that 51% of them had a “very positive” reaction — less than the 57% who had a “very positive” reaction to President Donald Trump’s speech in 2017.

Heritage Scholars Sound off on Biden’s Address to Congress

President Joe Biden is addressing a joint session of Congress this evening, and experts from The Heritage Foundation are weighing in. Here’s what they have to say.

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