Man Who Told Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Says 2020 Presidential Election Was ‘100% Stolen’

The dad who trolled President Joe Biden by saying “Let’s Go Brandon” on Christmas Eve told Steve Bannon that he believes the current president is in office illegally and explained his reasoning for the prank.

US Appeals Court Schedules Arguments in Texas Abortion Case for January 7

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals scheduled to hear oral arguments for January 7 in the lawsuit challenging a Texas abortion law, a court document said on Monday.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Paying Journalists to Promote Abortion

Trying to convince population that procedure needs to be legalized everywhere.

Justice Neil Gorsuch: Religious Freedom’s New Champion

Eight of the nine Supreme Court justices are Catholics or Jews—groups historically victimized by religious discrimination. Yet the court’s emerging leader in defending religious freedom is its only mainline Protestant.

Abortion business denied request to operate

Found in violation of requirement for hospital transfer agreement

Nick Sandmann Reaches Settlement With NBC

Nicholas Sandmann announced he has reached a settlement with NBCUniversal after more than two years since Sandmann filed a defamation lawsuit against the media company.

Black, white, American? Our most important identity is in God.

America is in the midst of an identity crisis. It can be seen in people questioning everything from the true date of the country’s founding to whether only women can become pregnant. As a country, we are having a hard time agreeing on anything that has to do with how we see ourselves.

SCOTUS Sends Texas Abortion Case to Court That Supported Ban

The U.S. Supreme Court sent the case over Texas' six-week abortion ban to a federal appeals court Thursday, just six days after the justices declined to overturn the ban while allowing opponents to continue with part of their challenge.

SCOTUS Considers Blocking San Diego School Vax Mandate

The Supreme Court is considering whether it should intervene in the case of a San Diego high school student who claims that the local school district’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate imposed on students unconstitutionally discriminates against her by not offering a religious exemption.

Supreme Court Lets Texas Abortion Ban Keep Saving Babies, Dismisses Joe Biden’s Lawsuit Against It

(LifeNews) In a victory for the Texas abortion ban today, the Supreme Court has allowed the pro-life law to continue saving babies from abortion and it dismissed Joe Biden’s lawsuit against it.

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