Republicans Projected to Win Popular Vote

Cook Political House Vote Tracker suggests Republicans will win the national popular vote for the House of Representatives.

Republicans Out-Raise Democrats by 116% In Florida House Races

Campaign finance requirements govern how much money candidates may receive from individuals and organizations, how often they must report those contributions, and how much individuals, organizations, and political entities may contribute to campaigns.

Texas Election Audit Identifies Nearly 12,000 Foreigners Suspected of Registering to Vote

Suspected non-citizen voters have been referred to counties for investigation, and more than 2,000 have already been removed from rolls, Texas Secretary of State John Scott reports.

Report: Democrats Used Filibuster 327 Times While Republicans Used It Once in 2020

President Joe Biden has been critical of the Senate filibuster, describing it as a Jim Crow relic and claiming it has been abused, although Democrats reportedly used it more than 300 times in 2020 when Republicans only used it once.

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