T-Mobile to Fire Unvaxxed Office Workers

The telecommunications company will reportedly terminate employees who are not fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by April 2.

  • T-Mobile US will fire corporate employees who aren’t fully vaccinated against Covid-19 by April 2, according to Forbes.
  • Such a termination would be one of the strictest Covid-19 policies instituted by a large company in the country as others have moved to scrap vaccine requirements after the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for large employers, Forbes notes.
  • T-Mobile’s chief human resources officer Deeanne King said in a memo to U.S. employees that employees who need “regular or occasional” access to T-Mobile’s offices should get the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine by February 21 or else they will be put on unpaid leave.
  • In-office employees not fully vaccinated by April 2 and do not get the company’s internal digital proof of vaccination “will be separated” from the company.
  • The memo added that employees can apply for vaccine exemptions for medical and religious reasons.
  • 56% of Americans say employers should have vaccine mandates, according to a Morning Consult poll, Forbes reports, nearly 35% saying they were against such requirements.
  • T-Mobile plans to bring its staff back in-person or start hybrid work models on April 2, Forbes notes.
  • Support employees are reportedly required to get the first dose by February 21, but they will not be subject to unpaid leave even if they don’t comply, but that vaccine requirement reportedly does not apply to field technicians and “most” in-store retail workers.